Growth Phase


Our investments and holdings will primarily be focusing on technology-based companies with highly scalable business models. Our geographical focus is the Nordic countries where entrepreneurial activities show one of the highest success rates globally

Deloitte: Disruptive by design

  • Privately owned tech company within the gaming industry
  • Platform aims at reducing complexity and cost of software development in the gaming industry
  • Focus on minimizing the on-boarding process when starting game development
    • Goal set at under 30 minutes, performed entirely by front-end developers without prior back-end knowledge (compared to available solutions today averaging 1 month of work from back-end developers)
    • Large savings for game developers
  • Full release of the product in 2025
    • Detailed plan in place
  • Revenues mainly from data usage
    • Recurring revenues based on data usage when game has been launched
    • Fixed pricing for game development phase

One of Sweden’s first creative co-working spaces founded 2002

  • Co-working space operator
    • Today 3 prime locations in Stockholm, total 10,000 sqm
    • 1,000 members from 300 companies
    • Location with excellent communications is key, but creating a strong community and atmosphere is also vital
    • Site teams deliver services to members and visitors
  • Business model include several strategic partnerships
    • Some of the most renowned real estate & community developing companies in Sweden
    • Collaboration with IKEA; one site is the first co-working space in the world designed and furnished by IKEA

Well-positioned merchant of organic kids
clothes and accessories

  • Swedish high-end baby and kids clothes and accessories.
    • Sales today mainly in Sweden, the Nordics and Germany
  • Customer segments are parents focusing on sustainable, durable and uniquely designed items
    • Very strong brand and customer loyalty
  • Production mainly in Turkey and China; logistics and storage via third-party in Sweden
  • Shifting to e-commerce as main channel
    • Sales via resellers only on certain high-margin items
    • Significant investments in e-platform made
  • Founded and managed by two sisters
    • Sara, marketing & FMCG background with deep online and e-tail expertise
    • Anna, design and fashion background with solid products and production knowledge

Vinivia: DO IT LIVE

  • A provider of interactive livestreaming solutions with AR advertising based in Switzerland
  • The company has an event manager platform to host online events and a live streaming platform targeting liveshopping
  • The company is centered between two large and growing markets: OTT (streaming) video advertising and live streaming e-commerce
  • The Vinivia Event Manager launched in Q3 2020. During the pandemic, large scale events with thousands of participates took place.
  • Vinivia Streaming Hub was launched in Q4 2021 with first liveshopping cases produced in Asia.
  • The customer list includes VW Group, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Tommy Hilfiger and UEFA.

Telcred | Smart cloud-based Access Control

  • Swedish software company focused on cloud-based physical access control
    • A management system to control when doors should be locked or unlocked, and who should have access, when, and how
    • Users can open doors with tags, codes, or mobile phones. Doors can also be opened remotely
    • Powerful Site Manager solution to enable large-scale delegated administration of user groups and sites
  • Largely a SaaS business, providing customers with Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
  • Positioned to benefit from the wave of change in real estate through proptech. Current low-tech and proprietary solutions are challenged by modern, cost effective, and flexible solutions
  • Targets to become a leading international supplier of cloud-based, open-hardware solutions for access control

Providing renewable electricity for a greener future

  • Apatura is a UK based developer of renewable energy projects, primarily BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and solar power.
  • Apatura has been involved in over 120 wind turbine projects since inception in 2014 and has since 2022 built a strong pipeline of BESS projects.
  • The company is currently active in the UK and previously had the name Green Power Consultants.

Deep-tech company proving a key solution for the hydrogen industry

  • A Swedish deep-tech company providing a novel metal coating solution that solves key problems in hydrogen-based applications: hydrogen permeation and metal embrittlement.
  • The technology is tested and the performance proven through hundreds of cycles from field tests.
  • The company is at a very early stage, but has already received strong interest from customers and targets to sign a number of development contracts during 2024.