Growth Phase


Our investments and holdings will primarily be focusing on technology-based companies with highly scalable business models. Our geographical focus is the Nordic countries where entrepreneurial activities show one of the highest success rates globally

Deloitte: Disruptive by design

  • Privately owned tech company within the gaming industry
  • Platform aims at reducing complexity and cost of software development in the gaming industry
  • Focus on minimizing the on-boarding process when starting game development
    • Goal set at under 30 minutes, performed entirely by front-end developers without prior back-end knowledge (compared to available solutions today averaging 1 month of work from back-end developers)
    • Large savings for game developers
  • Full release of the product in 2025
    • Detailed plan in place
  • Revenues mainly from data usage
    • Recurring revenues based on data usage when game has been launched
    • Fixed pricing for game development phase

Well-positioned merchant of organic kids
clothes and accessories

  • Swedish high-end baby and kids clothes and accessories.
    • Sales today mainly in Sweden, the Nordics and Germany
  • Customer segments are parents focusing on sustainable, durable and uniquely designed items
    • Very strong brand and customer loyalty
  • Production mainly in Turkey and China; logistics and storage via third-party in Sweden
  • Shifting to e-commerce as main channel
    • Sales via resellers only on certain high-margin items
    • Significant investments in e-platform made
  • Founded and managed by two sisters
    • Sara, marketing & FMCG background with deep online and e-tail expertise
    • Anna, design and fashion background with solid products and production knowledge

Smart cloud-based Access Control

  • Swedish software company focused on cloud-based physical access control
    • A management system to control when doors should be locked or unlocked, and who should have access, when, and how
    • Users can open doors with tags, codes, or mobile phones. Doors can also be opened remotely
    • Powerful Site Manager solution to enable large-scale delegated administration of user groups and sites
  • Largely a SaaS business, providing customers with Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
  • Positioned to benefit from the wave of change in real estate through proptech. Current low-tech and proprietary solutions are challenged by modern, cost effective, and flexible solutions
  • Targets to become a leading international supplier of cloud-based, open-hardware solutions for access control

Leading battery storage developer

  • Apatura is a UK based developer of renewable energy projects, primarily BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and solar power.
  • Apatura has been involved in over 120 wind turbine projects since inception in 2014 and has since 2022 built a strong pipeline of BESS projects.
  • The company is currently active in the UK and previously had the name Green Power Consultants.

Deep-tech company proving a key solution for the hydrogen industry

  • A Swedish deep-tech company providing a novel metal coating solution that solves key problems in hydrogen-based applications: hydrogen permeation and metal embrittlement.
  • The technology is tested and the performance proven through hundreds of cycles from field tests.
  • The company is at a very early stage, but has already received strong interest from customers and targets to sign a number of development contracts during 2024.

Solving unmet needs in radiology and patient handling for sustainable healthcare

  • A Swedish medtech company, incubated within the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, with a mission to solve unmet needs within patient handling through innovative products
  • Njord’s first product in commercial use, AtleĀ® 180, is a patented motorized patient handling device, with global market potential. Njord targets to increase patient throughput, reduce staffing and provide benefits for staff health, initially at radiology departments
  • Although in an early stage of the product lifecycle, several reputable radiology departments in the Swedish home market have taken the product into full use, and the product is in use in Finland, Norway and Denmark. The company now expands in Europe
  • A second product, with focus the elderly care market segment, is being prototyped